Day 46 - November 15, 2005

I got out of the hospital last night, at a decent hour this time. Foot problems again but different from those I had about 3 weeks ago. Good news is I'm into South Carolina about 30 miles, between Rangeland and Walterboro.

In layman's terms, I have "extreme arch stress" in my left foot. The right foot is fine. The catalyst for this is my new inserts, the bottoms of my feet just adapting to them, and being diabetic. Only thing good for it is to stay completely off it.

I had hoped to get to the North Carolina border by Thanksgiving, but Friday is the earliest I can be cleared to start walking again.

Highlight of last week:
Saw a gator in the wild. Walked over a bridge with this guy one morning and he looked down and spotted this alligator in the creek. I couldn't see it until he threw some pebbles at it, and it moved six inches. Looked like a big log.