Day 77 - December 16, 2005

I'm back on the road after a break to give my left foot a rest. I had a partially torn Achilles so my orthopedist in Florence made me stay off it for a couple weeks. Good news is I have just 5% of the pain I had two weeks ago after 8-9 miles today. Near Candor, North Carolina on state road 211, angling northwest now on a direct route toward Chicago. Since I've already hit my D.C. gigs, I don't need to go in that direction.

D.C. was fun. Didn't get to see Sen. Lisa Murkowski, who extended an Alaska trip, but Sen. Ted Stevens dropped in on the Alaska Society party. I had him howling during "Shooting of Dan McGrew" - Owoooooooooooooooh!

He told me a story about a state dinner with Ronald Reagan in 1986-87 when the president launched into both "McGrew" and "Cremation of Sam Magee". This was when Reagan was starting to get Alzheimer's - reminded me of a time doing a show at a Ketchikan nursing home when an old fellow got up and did "Magee" with me. The nurses said he never talked and the poem was the only thing he could remember!

The show at Finn MacCool's was a blast, got a standing ovation and raised close to $600.
During the break, I went back down to Florida to visit Mrs. Herbig and then headed back up here to Donn and Sara's place at Pinehurst. They have been great hosts. This weekend I connect with Todd Hemphill (high school friend of Jeff Brady) and family and then will meet back up with Kelly Roper, Tom and Kathleen next week for Christmas. My route will take me through Troy, Lexington (great BBQ, I'm told), Mocksville (named for tavern where patrons mocked British troops passing by in Revolutionary War), and Pilot Mountain and Mount Airy (Andy Griffith's home and inspiration for Mayberry).

Y'all be good and Merry Christmas!