Day 193 - April 11, 2006

'm west of Saskatoon, almost to N. Battleford, about 100 miles from Alberta border town of Lloydminster, which all the locals call just "Lloyd." The weather has improved a lot since last week and is supposed to get up to 16-17 C this weekend.

Sask. is not as flat as Indiana or lower Manitoba but it sure is windy, out of the northwest, seems like it never stops. One day last week it switched to the southeast - locals said for the first time in 10 years - and I got in 70 miles on the bike, my best day yet. Walking right now for last 4 hours. Had a flat tire and my replacement tube's back at the
motel, so had to stash the bike and will have to hitch back to it. No one's picking me up. And it's blowing. This is the place that should be called Skagway!