Day 24 - October 24, 2005

Well, I've been fortunate for almost ten days now. I've had a support vehicle! Cella Baker (my Lauderdale connection) joined me for four days. She didn't walk but dropped me off, picked me up, fed me, and split the hotel costs too. Yowzer! Then I hooked up with my niece, Kelly, and her fine young son, Matthew, for a fun day in Daytona. Spent some time on the beach, had dinner and lunch. Got to know a few of the 100,000 Harley Davidson riders in town and scouted out A1A and Highway 1 to St. Augustine.

Two days after they went back to Orlando, I arrived in Augustine and am currently enjoying the total hospitality of Emily and Mark Nadeau. Emily worked for White Pass and more recently drove for the Streetcar. Mark was the manager of the R.O. for years. God, what a blessing these two are. Mark is now one of the owners of Augustine's best restaraunt, Carrabas. Yes, it really is an exquisite dining experience. Mark is certainly an exceptional talent. Emily has resigned her position at Target and her last day is Wednesday the 26th of October. She's interviewing with British Airways to help run a reservation center in Jacksonville. Speaking of Jacksonville . . . I made it through that town today. For the first time since I left Miami I'm no longer on US Highway 1. I'm on US 17 now. I will be on that road through Georgia and a little bit of South Carolina. This AM I walked through a heavy rain with high winds.

Hurricane Wilma! It was fairly tame this far north. If it had been ten degrees cooler, it would've been just like Skagway in the fall. I lose the unbelievable support I've enjoyed the past ten days and it's back to carrying my backpack. I did over 21 miles today but starting Wednesday it will go back down to 15 or so until I get back in shape. I've been blaming the heat and humidity for slowing me down so much, but the primary reason is I'm just plain out of shape.

Kelly Roper (former White Pass and National Bank of Alaska employee) will be hooking up with me on November 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and part of the 5th. Hooray! Vehicle support again. When Jeff gets back to Skagway, he'll have lots of new photos to put on the web site. Take care guys. I really miss Skagway. You just don't know how much. Take care and keep on howling. Owoooooooooooooooh!

Did I mention that Jim and Mary Jane Corless joined me for a walk two Sundays ago? They helped me find a place to stay, fed me Mexican, howled, and showed me what a fish called Mullet looked like. I'm looking forward to seeing everyone at least twice more along the way. By the way. is up and running too. It's the same as