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Day 122 - January 30th, 2006
So, back to Jan. 22nd. It's a Sunday and I've just crossed into Indiana. I'm in a place called Winchester. I go to the Presbyterian church for a little Jesus stuff, ya know? Well, I guess you could say that God wanted me to go church that day. The preacher, Bill Carr and I hit it off. During fellowship he offered to help out with the driving chores the following day. One day turned in to help over three days. This guy could easily be one of my best friends. I felt like we'd known each other for decades instead of days. It just wasn't the religious connection. His family's heritage and mine seem to have followed each other around for awhile. I felt like I was talking to my father or mother. He knew them and didn't know them. He knew me and didn't know me. His stories about pushing turkeys off the top of a three story building was hilarious. And then the follow up the next year with fozen turkeys was a riot as well. I will forever chuckle thinking about him and his kindnesses. The Winchester church reminded me of Skagway. It was just the beginning of an incredible Indiana experience. I mean, even the Winchester choir was just as impressive as THE skagway choir. The congregation size was a little larger, not much. I felt totally at home and it felt good to feel that way again. It's been awhile..if you know what I mean. It jus wasn't Winchester. In Farmland..in Muncie..in Elwood, in Tipton, in Kokomo, in Monticello...everywhere I've been in this state I've met nothing but people that could be Skagwegians. Nice, considerate, willing to help, generous, concerned, benevolent...on and on and on....nice people everywhere. I don't want this state to end.

Did I tell you about Kim Law? She's a woman from Michigantown, In. She's been picking me up and dropping me off every day for almost a week. Ever since I left Elwood. It reminds me of the kind of support I got when Dottie was helping out on the way to Dawson last winter. Just super stuff. Above and beyond the call for sure. There's no way to thank these kind of people enough. I can only howl in their honor. One of the amazing things is that all of this help comes from people that don't know anyone I do. It's a spontaneous thing all the way.

To all of Indiana I say Owoooooooooooooooooooooooooooh!

Thank you, thank you thank you. Speaking of Indiana..I'm almost out of it. In two or three more days I'll be in Illinois and the Central Time zone. Yeaaaaaaa! I've been in the eastern zone entirely too long. Four months...Whoa, where has the time gone? I'm making better time. With vehicle support 20 mile days are started to be common. Support in Chicago, Wisconsin and Minnesota is looking pretty darn good. Might give Indiana a run for their money.

My feet are doing ok. The weather has yet to be bad. No snow yet of any significance. There is some wind but not too bad and the temps have reached the teens yet. I've been lucky. Surely there will be some challenging cold somewhere? Maybe not. Time to go.. give a prayer and a howl for Indianans. Talk to you soon. My cell number is 907.230.7021. Call on weekends. I have unlimited usage then.

Take care and keep on howling. Go Seahawks. Next update from CHICAGO

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