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Day 201 - April 19, 2006
Can you believe it, I'm past Edmonton! Weather's been good the past week. The wind's even been at my back the last three days and I've covered 300 miles, about two-thirds on the bike and one-third walking. It's springlike and I'm even getting a tan.

In Whitecourt now. This place is in the middle of an oil boom. Rampant growth with no planning at all. Wal-Mart's next, they say. Great story from last night. I was having dinner at a Boston Pizza, talking to a kid who had been recently hired on as a waiter, pulling down about $13 and hour. Guys in next table over jump into the conversation and say they just showed up and need 30 people to work, oil field jobs. Starting pay $32 an hour, with possible $10 bump an hour after a month. The waiter checks with his supervisor, comes back and says "when can I start," and the guys tell him, "tomorrow." Unbelievable. And I hear it's like this all the way to Fort Nelson, BC.

At this pace I should be in Valleyview by the weekend, and hitting the BC border early next week. Next report will be from Dawson Creek, start of the Alaska Highway. Getting closer to home!!!

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