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Day 303 - July 31
Hold everything, just heard indirectly that a crossing of the sound may still be possible. Mitch has secured a boat to follow Thom and I. Still don't have a figure on the cost though. Even if we can't find a kayak I think it would be more fun to cross the sound in a fishing boat than flying. When I find the cost out I'll let you know. If we kayak the sound we'll just head for Nome proper nd I won't have to wallk in to town. I can save the last of the walk between WHSE and Skagway. I'm tired but the end is getting closer and I'm starting to see a little light. Owoooooooooooooooooooooh!

Jason, the school principal here in Russian Mission is an amazing man. I hope he comes to Skagway sometime. The town would like to know him a little. Kotlik is only 205 miles from here, not 300. Yeah!!!!! Should only take between 6 days and 20. Depends on the wind and tidal surge. Now thats a new one. Tidal surge. Oh boy, what kind of new challenges will they bring. Plan to leave around noon today. Will try to send in another update in the next week.

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