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Day 152 - March 1, 2006
OK, lots of stuff to report on. After leaving Madison I found a place to stay south of Readstown, WI with friends of Bobbie Roberts(sister of Lee Roberts in Haines). Jim and Malue. What a place, what a dinner! I don't know how they did it but did you know if it's prepared right TOFU can taste like sausage? Yowser! At the end of the day they handed me over to Bobbie and her four kids. From Bosstown, Readstown, Sugar Grove, Viroqua and Coon Valley WI Bobbie took care of me. Made great time. All four of her kids put in at least five miles with me. I did a presentation at Rowanna's high school(The Laurel School). She's bobbie's oldest. All went well. Between Madison and LaCrosse one will find gentle rolling hills, lots of trees and friendly, friendly people. Lots of good co-ops too. Good soup and veg head burgers that actually taste wonderful. Some snow and continued cold, but all in all a fine stretch of country.

Last Friday I made it in to LaCrosse. Todd Worple picked me up at the southern edge of the city. He introduced me to a good friend named Don who housed me for the weekend. Todd and Don did drop offs and pick ups until I got to a place called Fountain City. todd and don cooked a fabulous dinner for me on Saturday night. King Crab and Venison that Todd killed himself. A feast fit for a king. Too bad a king wasn't there. On Sunday Don hooked me up with some acquaintances of his in Fountain City, WI. I had the privilige of staying with o Romana and Ed Redig for three glorious nights. They're members of a loose knit musical combine. Got to listen to them play and sing. It was hard to say good bye this morning but it had to be done. From Janesville, WI to the Mississippi River bridge near Wabasha, MN was a heart touching segment. All of these folk are worthy to be Skagwegians. I 'm already missing Wisconsin and I've only been in Minnesota for about six hours.

BUT: MN is off to a great start too.. Romana has set me up with some folks in Lake City MN so that means at least two more days of not carrying the big pack! AND...the weather is back to being warm. Temps in the high 30's overnight lows in the 20's . Gotta love it. Getting close to the Twin Cities. Don Nelson, Julie from Temsco, Drew Grabham's Dad, and a small host of other folks will be hosting me in many different fashions. It's so good to talk to Alaskans. Hey. I saw about six bald eagles near Wabasha yesterday. The National Eagle Center is in that town. Stopped by for a look see. They have two resident eagles out back. Cool. Really Cool.

I found myself in a contitutional predicament late this AM. I flagged a car downfor some assistance and Officer Joe Schneider of the Wabasha County Sherriffs office came to my aid and helped me big time. It's good to know there are law enforcement people out there like Joe. Thank you Sir! Also, I'm in Lake City looking for my host. A man named Boyd. Haven't found him yet but I'm sure I shall soon. While looking around I decided to get a hair cut. First one since Brunswich Georgia. At the Lake City Salon they did my beard, moustache and hair for free. Owoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooh! Got a scalp massage too. I don't know maybe Minnesota is going to pass Wisconsin and Inidana and Illnois on the nice scale. Only 400 miles to Manitoba. Should be there in 22 days or so. If anyone knows Cinde Adams phone number would you please email it to me or call me at 907.230.7021,

Thanks. Sometimes you'll get the message line. I'm not screening calls but Wisconsin and MN have been primarily a no cell phone zone. Be patient. bye for now.

Ralph Samuelson of Lake City, Minnesota invented water skiing here in 1922. On Lake Pepin which is why this town is called Lake City. He was pulled by a bi-plane. Now that's ballsy. Ralph was considered a screwball by some becuase of his questionable work ethics. Now who does that remind you of?

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