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Day 4 - October 4, 2005
I keep on walking. No blister, but losing a toenail. About 80 miles now covered. In N. Jupiter, Florida tonight on US Highway 1. More places on this highway to let people like me cool off. More middle class than A1A. Costs less to buy ice to keep my medicine cool. In nicer neighborhoods, people think I'm a bum; the tie-die shirt makes people look askance.
In the 80s all day, 70s at night. Cooler today but still 82. I'm tired, sore, and I stink to high heaven. The rain is warm, it doesn't even cool you off. These guys down here are tougher than I thought!

Now starting out at 6 in the morning and quitting at 3:30 in the afternoon. Worked well yesterday through W. Palm Beach and today.

Just because there is "beach" in a town's name doesn't mean it's a nice town. Got scared this morning walking through Riviera Beach; guys were following me. I cheated. Wiley Wright, a cab driver, picked me up and gave me a free ride for about two miles to a safe street. Just a nice guy.

At the motel, the guy said, "You walked up here from Miami, through Riviera Beach and lived?"

Still on sidewalks, don't know where the "city" is going to end. Tomorrow it's supposed to be back up to 89. I'll probably get acclimated to this about the time the weather changes.

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