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Day 279 - July 7
I just spent the last one hour and forty five minutes typing in the last update. I don't know what I did, but I somehow erased all of it and I don't have time to do another one. I'm in Yukon River Camp getting ready to head out. YRC is where the haul road bridge is. 500 miles or so downriver from Eagle. Nicky Naiman went with me from Circle to the bridge.

Hopefully she'll send in an update on the challenges we faced. I got bit by a big mosquito upriver from Circle. I was takin a pee when I felt it's probiscus leaving my special area. Filled with my blood it managed to evade my attempts to kill it and flew off gleefully. That was two weeks ago and it still itches.

Next village is Tanana. I'm told nothing is there. It looks like Ruby or Galena will be my next opportunity at emails and updates. I faced some of the scariest water for a canoe with Nicky in the "most boring" part of the river. Nicky's a trooper. Someone to have on your side at all timess. 950 river miles to go.

Bought a dry suit and a new carbon paddle yesterday. That's the third carbon paddle I've gone through this trip. Bummer. Looks like I could be home by Labor Day, I hope so. My own bed sounds so good. Bye for now. Hopefully Nicky will write in something.

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