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Day 187 - April 5, 2006
The biking is going well. I'm in Russell, Manitoba about 10 miles from the Saskatchewan border. I spent about 150.00 getting the biked tuned up. Bought a seat with holes in it to help with the crotch thing at it seems to be working. I'm still walking about 15 minutes each hour though. Actually, I like it. I still prefer walking to riding.

Since I left Winnipeg and the influence of friends my mileage is increasing as is the time I'm spending on the road, I've been lucky with rides Sunday, Monday and today. This AM I didn't even have to hitch. A fellow boarder over heard me explaining why I wanted to check in at 0745 in the AM but didn't need the room until 5 in the PM. The guy behind me understood what I was imparting...the clerk never did...but in the long run I got a ride back to the bike and was pedaling by 0830. Yowser! Have a ride lined for manjana too.

Hoping to get in 70 miles tomorrow. I'll be in another province in time for an early roadside lunch...say tenish. Got a new chain and had the front brakes fixed. I actually noticed that the front wheel was on backwards while at the shop. the dude helping me assumed I wasn't a novice after that. Ha! Little does he know. Actually, I overheard another store clerk telling someone else how to put tires on correctly and then noticed my front tire. The wind has been low but not at my back. Mostly a very gentle uphill grade...but definitely an uphill. 50 miles or so has been without a paved shoulder. some drivers are f#%@ jerks! One pick up drove by me twice throwing dirt clods at me. I mean they had to stop and pick em up. This was pre meditated sh@t. I'm an old man but it pissed me off like that jerk with the gun in North Carolina. Whats wrong with people? When they threw that stuff at me I was on the part of the highway that had 10 foot paved shoulders. I wasn't inconveniencing anyone. Oh well. Tomorrow is Saskatchewan. Only 260 miles to Saskatoon. I'm thinking four or five days at the most. If all goes well I'l be in Grand Prarie by the 25 or 26th. Then I'll be back on schedule again and back on foot for the duration. Owoooooooooooooooooooooooooh!

May and June on the Alcan. Yowser. Lots of critters. I'll be wary of bears and moose. God I wish I had a support driver, especially on the Alcan. If you know of anyone that's cool and would be compaticle with moi, let me know. Since my Mom died I really don't know anyone that compatible. Time to go. Went to a Stuart McClain concert with Tammy and Ian Jones last Saturday night in Winnipeg. He's a very, very good story teller. Same vein as Garrison Keeler only better. Yes, it's twue, it's twue. Bye for now.

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